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Literally 100% of the people who hate Anita Sarkeesian are ignorant fuckboy crybabies. I’m not even exaggerating. 100%.

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and the award for “you should have stopped right there” goes again to fan-favorite anthony fantano, for saying “Anita is getting flack because she’s an ignorant outsider. I’m not even a gamer, and this is apparent to me.”

this award acknowledges anthony fantano’s record-breaking foot-into-mouth velocity—in the above, he demonstrates that it’s cool to pontificate about where is whose place in what discussion as long as your subject is a woman, because women are ignorant outsiders, but you yourself can stick your bald, wormy head into whatever discussion you please as long as you’re anthony fantano—even if said bald wormy fucker freely admits that he lacks the same qualifications as anita supposedly does

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I never saw 2 Girls 1 Cup or 1 Girl 100 Eels or Genitals vs. Hatchet or any of that because I was tricked into seeing Tubgirl and Goatse by dudes in ROM hacking IRC channels when I was eleven and refused to be fooled again.

I have the exact same story, right down to the two images I was tricked into seeing.