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swiggityswalexishipjalex asked: Do you like pizza? Does the president like pizza? who am I kidding, everyone likes pizza.







Yes! Especially Chicago-style deep dish.

I’m sorry, Mr. President, but deep-dish pizza is some bulllllshit

how the fuck dare you with your bourgie new england trash pizza

deep dish is infinitely superior and the whole world knows it

How fucking dare YOU! Everyone knows that pizza is about the perfect balance of cheese, crisp crust and just a smidge of tomato sauce. Deep dish pizza is a fucking atrocity. This is about your fucking obsession with food piles, sir.

new york style is the best tied with chicago thin crust *drops mic* later nerds

The east coast is so self-obsessed that a bro from New Haven once told me that New Haven Style Pizza was distinct and beloved enough that it oughta be canonized next to New York, Chicago, and Neopolitan style pizzas while in the same breath telling me he had never heard of Washington Apples

People from the east coast generally don’t “get” Chicago deep-dish. It’s not the only kind of pizza available in Chicago, and most people don’t even eat it all the time. It’s a specialty for when you’re in the mood for that sort of thing. I really have no patience for people who act like there’s only one way a pizza should ever be. “The perfect balance.” Get out of my face with that pretentious bullshit. Let some variety into your life, bro,

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Danny Mahoney:
I got a million fuckin jokes. I got a fuckin book full o' jokes, I'll whip it out, I'll tell ya a joke. How does a Tyrannosaurus Rex pay his bills? No. Uh, how does a dinosaur pay his bills? Tyrannosaurus checks. That's a great fuckin joke! Ya understand me?
Jason Mantzoukas:
Scott Aukerman:
Is the mess up in the middle of it part of it?
Jason Mantzoukas:
Yeah, you had to redo the set up.
Danny Mahoney:
What're ya talkin about?
Jason Mantzoukas:
Work on the set up.
Danny Mahoney:
What difference does it fuckin make?
Jason Mantzoukas:
Tell me the joke again.
Danny Mahoney:
How does a Tyrannosaurus Rex pay his bills? Wait. How does a dinosaur pay his bills? Tyrannosaurus checks. That's part of the set up! So people know it's coming! That's how a fuckin' joke works, asshole!
Jason Mantzoukas:
Okay, well, let's not even get into it.

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What annoys you more: constantly hearing people talk shit about something you like, or constantly hearing people praise something you hate?