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Now that I can go back to posting about trivial bullshit without feeling bad, can I just say that I am mostly caught up on seasons 5 and 6 of Futurama (finally) and I find myself having no fucking clue what the nature of Leela and Fry’s relationship is anymore? Does anyone else have this problem with these episodes? Or does Netflix just have them up out of order and I’m missing out on a somewhat coherent arc?

  1. em-aytch said: Listen: never feel bad about posting trivial shit. Never.
  2. desertstrings said: It’s in order. In 5 and 6 it seems that Fry and Leela are doing it, sometimes maybe, and Leela is ambivalent about it and Fry is into her as always. There’s no rhyme or reason, just when it’s convenient.
  3. churchofallimages said: Nope, their relationship just doesn’t make sense. Its on when its convenient to be on.
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