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    wait dude what
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    One of the many reasons why I kind of hate not living in America.
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    This is one of those things that I wish I didn’t hear about, that way I wouldn’t have to experience this level of...
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    Me too! So excitedddddd!
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    i have tickets for this :3
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    oh. my. GOD. see you there.
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    I’m pretty sure I’ve already developed tinnitus thanks to the fest. My ears ring constantly but fuck it who really needs...
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    I’ve heard that Dinosaur Jr. shows are some of the loudest shows ever. I can live with the tinnitus though goddamn let’s...
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    I do, lets do iiiiit.
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    Well, at least I can say I won’t go because it’s at terminal 5. I’ll be in the city, but not at that particular show....
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    Will be purchasing shortly.
  13. killingfields said: dude i know i am bummed out
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    ticket: bought
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