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whatwhatwhat replied to your post: I think it’s weird that in the Song of Ice and…

Yeah I expected to hate Feast because everyone told me how shitty and boring it was but I actually really, really enjoyed it. So.

I like Feast a lot! A lot of Jaime POV chapters, Brienne (one of my favorite characters) gets added to the POV roster, some really illuminating stuff about Cersei, Arya’s in it, we finally get to see a little bit of Dorne, lots of weird Iron Islands world-building stuff, as well as the introduction of Victarion Greyjoy, maybe Westeros’s biggest hardass (though I suppose most of his finer moments don’t occur until A Dance with Dragons), and the way it’s bookended by a prologue and an epilogue in Oldtown that creepily hint at at least two conspiracies that none of the other characters are aware of. It’s really solid stuff, even without Tyrion, Jon, and Dany.

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  1. dismissivejerkoffmotion said: Yeah! It never really bothered me that there weren’t the same old characters POV’s because I was so wrapped up in the story I didn’t even notice until I was well into the book. People. Be. Trippin’.
  2. abloodymess said: yeah! I liked it a lot too. (that is my intelligent reply)
  3. istealforksfromrestaurants said: I think the reason that book is not well liked is that it is such a change of pace from Swords. For me the whole Kingmoot was snooze city. You’re right though, Victarion doesn’t get good until Dragons.
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