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Top 5 hardcore EPs of 2012

I’ll start posting my full albums soon. Think it will be 50. As usual, I’m going to try to not write much and I will probably fail.


5. Dawn of Humans - Blurst of the Birdfish (Toxic State)

Straight forward beats, ominous riffs, vocalist who sounds like he was just stabbed in the throat.


4. Kremlin - Will You Feed Me? (Hardware)

Fast noisy Canadians. Vocalist looks like this kid I went to high school with.


3. Birth Deformities - Suburbanized (Cowabunga!)

Pretty fun traditional hardcore from Chicago featuring members of Cülo.


2. Hoax 2nd EP (Youth Attack)

Hoax also released their 3rd EP this year through Painkiller Records, but this gloomy and frightening mess is a lot better.


1. Creem - Creem (Deranged)

A band that manages to be really raw and really catchy at the same time, like a young Fucked Up. Some of the best riffs in years.

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