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    Oasis (oh sweet christ family feuding will end us) My Guardian (Indeed.) Leo Dicaprio in Body of Lies I’m set.
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    1. Green Day 2. Ezio Auditore 3. Percy Jackson I’m looking pretty damn well protected right now! I mean, seriously, one...
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    Daryl Palumbo, Zer0, and Bill and Ted
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    All of my chemical romance the lady from assasins creed liberation and maleficant,I got this shit down.
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    Five Iron Frenzy (i get an 8 person band sweet) an anonymous man on a motorcycle, and madoka i think sweet i have a god...
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    Three days grace, Sonic the hedgehog, and Edward elric…. I’m going to live.
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    - Gorillaz - Logan (COD Ghosts) - Elsa (Frozen)
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    Beyoncé Serena Inuyasha
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    Dessa Shell Thor I’m all set, motherfuckers!
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    1. I don’t really know since I’m listening to the radio right now so I’m just gonna say eminem 2. EREN FROM ATTACK ON...
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    Holy Shit.The lead singer of Killswitch Engage Booker DeWitt And… Hogarth Hughes.Bring the giant, Boy. We got undead ass...
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    1. Jim Morrison 2. Sora 3. Bilbo Baggins I think I’m quite well.
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    1. JoJo. She seems like she’d be fierce, so I think she’d be a great addition to the team tbh. 2. The last video game I...
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    1. Ronnie James Dio 2. Protagonist from Saints Row (If it needs to be someone with an actual name, Corvo from...
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    1. SHINee 2. Mario Kart - so… Mario? 3. watched Red 2 yesterday so Bruce Willis’ character Frank Moses
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    1. SHINee 2. Sonic 3. Admiral Kirk (KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! lolz XD)
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    VIXX (with Leo… Safe) Connor Kenway (Assassin’s Creed III) (safe) Katniss Everdeen … DEFINITELY SAFE.
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    Tablo Chris Redfield Angelina, “Cherry” …interesting…
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    Jack White, Ezio, Merida (Brave) I think I’m all set.
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    Vic Mignogna Shiny Steelix Aslan Let’s do this. B1
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    Coolio (I was in out at a place in town and they had 90’s music playing), The Medic (from Team Fortress 2), and Gru...
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    Fall Out Boy, the chick from Animal Crossing, and Lena (or WhatsHisFaceBoyfriendGuy) from Beautiful Creatures. I have a...
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    Metallica, Hero, The President I have no idea.
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    The Glitch Mob, Dovahkiin, and Bilbo Baggins/Dwarven Company/Gandalf…I think I’m set
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    Imagine Dragons, Animal Crossing mayor, and Mike and Sulley. Well.
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    1. White Stripes 2.The Dovakhiin 3.Iron Man Oh yeah.
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    1.) Peter Steele (PBUH) (Type O Negative) 2.) Death (Darksiders 2) 3.) Viktor (Interview With a Hitman)I’m good.
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    1.Lynyrd Skynyrd 2. Master Chief 3.Iron Man