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Hey, the word “stupid” doesn’t have some sort of archaic medical definition that I’m not aware of, does it? Someone keeps telling me it’s ableist and I shouldn’t use it, but I’m not aware of this and am having a lot of trouble finding anything that says that “stupid” has ever at any point held the same connotation as “retarded” or “idiot” or “moron” or “dumb” or “imbecile” do (all words I would absolutely refrain from using if someone I was talking to asked me to). But calling someone “stupid” doesn’t seem any different to me than calling someone “foolish”. Obviously I would never call someone with actual developmental disabilities “stupid”, but if I’m just talking about some racist asshole making a shitty argument using a lot of confirmation bias, I’m not a jerk for calling him “stupid” in a public forum, am I?

  1. kaffypants said: I second what Matt said.
  2. em-aytch said: OED says its from french stupide or latin stupidus, from stupere: ‘to be amazed or stunned.’ Entirely possible it meant developmentally disabled at some point in history, but I think by that criteria you pretty much cut off that whole realm of words.
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