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oh shit centaur memories: what was your thing ten years ago










mine was Sonic comics and Weird Al

unrequited love, being a jackass on the internet, and evangelion

at least unrequited love has changed [sobs…

Pavement, hobo wine, playstation 2, WEED, nervous breakdowns, blowjobs, cigarettes, social anxiety

Video games and weed….oh wait…

Dragon Ball Z, Taking Back Sunday, annoying people

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and inappropriate young adult fiction books.
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    I was eight. I think I was big into Narnia and Redwall. I read everything, but those were my favorites.
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    Dragon Tales.
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    As far as phases go, ska isn’t all that bad. Sure everyone pretty much h8s on the music and stuff, but I think it’s...
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    Isai and I remember our ska phase well don’t we Isai
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    Crash Bandicoot and Spyro
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    10 years ago…i was 10 going on 11 that meant i was in 5th grade…that means I was into harry potter like wow and greek...
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    Yu Yu Hakusho, Sonic Adventure 2. There’s probably more but 2002/2003 were towards the end of middle school and I’ve...
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    Oh gods, EZBOARDS. (Also, very close to being Livejournal, which I’m still on.)
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    Lord of the Rings. And I’m back in the game!
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    believe. so that would’ve been Gundam Wing...wonders of shipping dudes with other dudes. I...
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    Dragon Ball Z and Mortal Kombat. We ain’t come far.
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    Let me see… ten years ago I was about 10/11. I was watching/into Digimon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Speed Racer, and Cyborg 009....
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    I loved me some Yu Yu and Legolas (his hair was so pretty, made me jealous) and being some where in between goth and...
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    i was just about to graduate high school!- final fantasy vii (since it came out; i was obsessed with cid, and especially...
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    Ten years ago? What is that for me. 13/Almost 14. Ok. I had a lot on my plate man. I CAN’T PICK JUST A FEW. DDR...
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    I think it was mostly Buffy The Vampire Slayer omg. IDK 2003 WAS SUCH AN AWFUL YEAR I DON’T REMEMBER.
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    oh shit, I was 8? Cartoon Network had Toonami and I was super into Cyborg 009 and Kenshin and they had this show called...
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    Lord of the Rings, so really nothing has changed, I’m 21 going on 12.
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    Ten years ago I was realllllly happy. I had just transfered into seventh grade, I was on the honor roll, I was in...
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    Pokémon and Zelda on the N64
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    Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, still Star Wars, musicals.
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    Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire
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    harry potter and captain underpants. yeah.
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    Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Hot Wheels, and Nutty Bars
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    The Crocodile Hunter. Yep.
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    The Anime on Cheez Tv. I’m not so different now. (I was 8)
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    Sims, AOL Chat Rooms, and the ice cream man. (I was 9)
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    Uhh let’s see…(ten years ago….so 7) Yu-Gi-Oh, Power Rangers, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Disney Princesses, Code...
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    Pokemon, Digimon, finding out the glory of the internet. Woah, I’m a youngin’