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Why are people treating BeyoncĂ© ripping out her ear piece as evidence that she was lip syncing? If her ear piece was piping in the vocal track she was supposedly syncing to, wouldn’t she have left it in? Is it just the fact that she was wearing an ear piece at all? Because that’s a pretty common thing and doesn’t really have anything to do with lip syncing.

I see a lot of smug newspaper articles throwing “confirmed” in their headlines, but I don’t see any real evidence or, you know, anyone involved in the inauguration making a statement to this effect.

  1. em-aytch said: Don’t performers have earpieces so their stage manager can talk to them if they need to?
  2. archaelologyy said: People just haven’t heard of in-ear monitors.
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    Who cares even if she was? It’s like, a really common thing.
  4. istealforksfromrestaurants said: Guantanamo is still open, no newspaper should be smug talking about anything Beyonce is doing.
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