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63words replied to your post: Oh Jesus I just turned on Peep Show and it’s the…

for some reason, that’s always the episode i describe when i’m encouraging someone to watch peep show. i don’t know why i keep thinking “they eat a dog from a garbage bag and it’s so uncomfortable!” is a ringing endorsement for the show.

Well most every episode involves something socially horrifying happening and the results being uncomfortable, and the stag weekend episode is really the most extreme form of this imaginable, so it kinda makes sense to use it as a go-to example.

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63words replied to your photo: Konami seems to be playing a game of “Which…

what on earth is this nonsense

"Book of Memories" or something. It is for the PS Vita and seems like a mediocre online multiplayer game that is being forced into the Silent Hill canon because otherwise no one will buy it. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to have much of a story, but if it does it is more than likely going to be inconsistent nonsense like all of the other games that were made by non Team Silent developers.

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63words asked: what do you think of the trailer for the new silent hill movie. am i dumb for thinking that it might actually be kinda good?

I haven’t looked at it because I have approximately 0 interest in seeing it, but I will probably check out the trailer eventually.

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63words replied to your post: So I guess I’m officially the only person on…

i kind of like it.

So do I. I mean, Lesley Arfin is kind of an asshole, but I like Lena Dunham alright and I think it’s overall pretty well written and has some great characterization and even some decent social commentary.

It’s not on par with some other HBO sitcoms, but they have done way way way worse than Girls before.

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