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Jenny Fine
"My Brother is Dead!"
Colored pencil and acrylic paint
$125 in frame, $100 out

"I Survived The Devastator" tee
Artist Proof digital print on American Apparel jersey Tee
(2) Small
(2) Medium
(2) Large

Oh my god

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In 1995, Steve Peters had no money. He was a public school teacher, so his opinion wasn’t worth very much. But then, in 1996, he won the lottery, and he was a great man. Greater than Einstein, who made very little. But then guess what this genius-for-a-day does. He goes and gives his money to charity! Now he’s about as dumb as Einstein! Way to go, Einstein!

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Classic Bob Odenkirk yelling compilation. Contains my favorite “What the fuck!” in history, from (I believe) the opening of “Bush Is a Pussy”

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