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diffusebombs replied to your post: Maybe I’ll start replaying Psychonauts.

I started it for the first time and I can’t get past the revolving rotating nail tunnel of death

My advice for that section is to just take it slow. I always die several times trying to rush through there, then I’ll do one where I mostly walk and wait for the revolving platforms to catch up with me and it’s a piece of cake.

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Jesus he looks like a baby in this picture

He was the youngest member of Kids in the Hall, so he tends to look like a baby in the early seasons. This picture is from season 1, so I think that would make him 24 or 25.

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diffusebombs replied to your post: Special thanks to:

Roommate’s cat does this with roaches. She just bats at them and gets bored and lets them disappear. BAD KITTY.

The worst. I think it’s an indoor cat thing. Though sometimes Butters will be really persistent and will just hound a bug and bat it around for hours, and if it survives and scuttles away he will find it again later and continue until it is basically tortured to death.

It helps that his claws are super sharp, so batting around can start to cause real damage after a while. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he killed the centipede at some point while I wasn’t looking. At least, I need to believe this so I don’t get paranoid and start sleeping at my parents’ house.

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diffusebombs replied to your photo: The running gag that nobody can recognize Boney…

Is this a rom I can have in my possession?

Very easily. If you google Mother 3 ROM you should get one no problem. It will probably be in Japanese, but there is a great fan translation patch you can find here. They give pretty helpful instructions in case you’ve never done a translation patch like this before. It is totally worth it because it is basically the best game ever made ever.

EDIT: They also provide you with links to download a Gameboy Advance emulator if you don’t have one. Also worth it just for this game.

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diffusebombs replied to your chat: Lack of understanding between strangers

it’s official, sarcasm is too overused to be detected, hence rendered obsolete

I think part of the problem with me is that I have one of those voices where it can be hard to tell when I’m being sarcastic. A lot of the time someone will make a little joke like that, and I’ll follow it up with a sarcastic response usually intended to go along with the joke. But instead they will not get that I was going along with the joke and will think I thought they were serious and they will feel the need to explain it to me.

In the case with the Metra conductor I laid it on pretty thick so there could be no ambiguity and he still didn’t get it.

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