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but it’s a TV show and a separate entity. I just never get up in arms over adaptations of books. they are different. it’s NEVER going to be exact and not everyone reads the book (and it shouldn’t be a requirement for enjoying it). *shrug*

I’m not saying it should be a requirement for enjoying it, none of the changes they made make it any easier to understand the show for non-readers. Once again, I don’t expect exactness, and have vocally defended a lot of the changes the show has made. I just think that episode changed a lot of stuff in ways that either didn’t make sense, were way less interesting than the book, or were just plain lazy.

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doyourwardance replied to your post: Is it just me, or is it starting to feel like the people who are adapting Game of Thrones haven’t read all the books? Because it seems like they are starting to make tons of changes that won’t allow for certain events to play out properly later. And characterizations are being changed, and I’m really starting to not like it.

but you can’t do everything faithful to a book. budget, time, etc. for television and movie pacing you HAVE to change things. I wish people would accept one thing for how it is and the other for how it is.

I don’t mind changes, but some of the changes are senseless and bring up inconsistencies. There’s no budgeting or time reason for Robb to get married wrong. That’s just bad attention to detail. And I get not having the budget to actually show the sack of Winterfell like in the book, but the way they did it was lazy. They just omitted the scene and did nothing to make up for the information lost from doing so at all. And the House of the Undying sequence omitted so much I barely even understand why they bothered including the sequence at all. Dany learns so much from her trip to the HotU in the book. The point of the sequence in the show seems to be “Hey Dany your dragons are important” which is not an interesting or new revelation.

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