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killingfields asked: the special projects one is sick

The one with the angry dragon coming out of the sky or the one with the wizard rising from the sea?

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killingfields replied to your post: Do other people vividly remember the circumstances…

I first heard it in Nothing to Lose


I was at home alone (for one of the first times ever since I was in 6th grade) and I was watching this movie on HBO and eating pizza (that I had ordered all by myself!) and then the scene with Scatman happened and it blew my mind. Other than that scene and the really stupid scene that sets up the story in the beginning (where Tim Robbins thinks he sees his wife having an affair and it turns out at the end to just be a wacky misunderstanding) are literally the only parts of that movie I remember, besides a couple of scattered lines of dialogue from Martin Lawrence that I have no context for.

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