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oldtobegin replied to your post: When I get the time and energy I am going to play…

her voice acting is so much better, anyway. next time i want to be a hecka-queer renegade.

Jennifer Hale is generally a great voice actor and had I known she voice lady Shepard I probably would’ve played as her from the beginning.

The male Shepard voice is okay but I feel like it gets progressively less nuanced as the series goes on. Like he has one tone of voice for every overtly paragon line and every overtly renegade line and he delivers them all in the same way.

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Yeah, sucks is the word I was really searching for. I’m not a staff member, I’m technically freelance even though I’m here full time. My current contract is up sometime in the summer and I have absolutely no clue if it’s going to be renewed now.

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