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purepopfornowpeople replied to your post: My current pet hate in terms of the ‘commercial…

I really hate Foster The People, Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, The Head & The Heart, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and basically everything that’s hot on Pitchfork now,

The only bands on there I’ve really heard are M&S, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver, listed here in decreasing order of how much I like them. And I don’t really like any of them.

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purepopfornowpeople replied to your photo: Exhibit A: I am an “enemy of freedom” because I…

If I posted on Reddit, I’d respond “Raise your hand if you have a Journalism degree. Anyone without a hand raised should shut up because they don’t know anything about ethics and how that relates to freedom of the press.”

I tried to make a similar point but it was in one ear and out the other. I think this person is completely unfamiliar with the word “should” or else he thinks it means the exact same thing as “can”.

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