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Nope, their relationship just doesn’t make sense. Its on when its convenient to be on.

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It’s in order. In 5 and 6 it seems that Fry and Leela are doing it, sometimes maybe, and Leela is ambivalent about it and Fry is into her as always. There’s no rhyme or reason, just when it’s convenient.
Well that is frustrating and disappointing! Makes me wish they didn’t end the last movie the way they did.

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I think the most despicable use for non-diegetic sound in film is that every film that even mentions the 1950s has to play at least one horrific pop song from that era (like that stupid bubblegum song, I forget the name.).

It’s become such a cliché at this point. Next time I see a flashback to the 1950s that starts with the opening of “Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes I’m going to scream.

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