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Reading Wolves of the Calla if you’ve never read ‘Salem’s Lot must be really weird. Father Callahan is telling the characters about his past and for several chapters it’s just a normal story about an alcoholic priest losing his faith. Then all of a sudden he’s talking about fighting a vampire and Roland is just like *solemn nod*.

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It can border on fan service-y and weird, but I’ve always liked that Stephen King’s stories all share universes and often casually intersect. The first time I noticed this was reading It, which contains a brief appearance by Dick Halloran from The Shining prior to the events of that book (obviously). Apparently Flagg (the antagonist from The Stand) is an inter-dimensional supernatural being who appears in the Dark Tower universe, as well as other fantasy parallel universes that King writes in, usually causing trouble of some sort. In one of his more recent novels, the time traveling protagonist ends up in Derry in 1958 during the events of It, and apparently the child killings play a role in the story.

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