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therearedemonsinsideofus replied to your post: How do you feel about commercial indie rock? It’s a term I came up with to describe the music found in the likes of Apple commercials that tries really hard to sound like it’s on an independent label and “hip” but is really on Sony or some shit.

Phoenix circa Lost In Translation is okay, but, like yeah. Hate.

Oh yeah that song they have in Lost In Translation is pretty decent. I always forget that’s them. I guess I haven’t really heard anything else from that period.

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therearedemonsinsideofus replied to your post: I’m honestly not sure why people hate Skyler White…

It goes back and forth, I think… But then again, I’m only in season 3 right now. Season two, she gave Walt an unnaturally hard time for a man staring down death, like her feelings mattered more than Walt’s. Especially in the intervention.

I guess in season 2 her treatment of Walt can at times seem kind of harsh, out of proportion with the amount of information she has on his secret life. It becomes harder for me to sympathize with Walt once she makes it clear to him that she knows he’s not just being emotionally distant, and that he is actually hiding something from her. Once she finds out definitively what is going on in season 3, I think her actions become pretty consistently reasonable.

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