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One day I found in my mail a huge dump of Tommy headshots - at least fifty different versions. They were all professionally done, obviously expensive, and rather scary. He must have dropped thousands of dollars on these headshots.

I held up one and looked at it. In the shot, Tommy was unsmiling, duck lipped, and wearing an unbuttoned shirt. His hair was pinned in back, making him look like an old woman with no makeup and a bad dye job.

I picked up another one that resembled Dracula doing a fashion shoot for Jean Paul Gaultier’s less talented cousin. The only casting directors who’d be willing to call Tommy in on the basis of this headshot were the ones curious about what it was like to be murdered.

The Disaster Artist - excerpts about Tommy Wiseau’s headshots

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I want to make a film adaptation of The Disaster Artist starring Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero as themselves. It will be like Tim Burton’s Ed Wood but even better.

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Mark: I used to know a girl. She had a dozen guys. One of em found out about it, he beat her up so bad she ended up in a hospital on Guerrero Street.

Johnny: Haha! What a story, Mark.

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