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whatwhatwhat replied to your post: I think it’s weird that in the Song of Ice and…

Yeah I expected to hate Feast because everyone told me how shitty and boring it was but I actually really, really enjoyed it. So.

I like Feast a lot! A lot of Jaime POV chapters, Brienne (one of my favorite characters) gets added to the POV roster, some really illuminating stuff about Cersei, Arya’s in it, we finally get to see a little bit of Dorne, lots of weird Iron Islands world-building stuff, as well as the introduction of Victarion Greyjoy, maybe Westeros’s biggest hardass (though I suppose most of his finer moments don’t occur until A Dance with Dragons), and the way it’s bookended by a prologue and an epilogue in Oldtown that creepily hint at at least two conspiracies that none of the other characters are aware of. It’s really solid stuff, even without Tyrion, Jon, and Dany.

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whatwhatwhat replied to your post: My thoughts on the newest Game of Thrones (spoilers obviously)

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know why they didn’t use the news of Bran and Rickon’s “deaths” as a catalyst for any of that. Maybe there’s something more intense coming when they find out next week? Ugh. This show is testing me.

Makes no sense to me. It’s not like it hasn’t happened yet. The writers are just making it so Robb and Catelyn don’t find out. Why change that? Why not just have them find out like in the books? It makes their actions a million times more understandable and believable.

Also, the fact that in the show Bran et al escape from Winterfell and then sneak back in is amazingly silly to me. Why have them escape at all? Why not just have them hiding in the catacombs to begin with? How did they manage to sneak Hodor back in at all? The guy is over seven feet tall. Once again, it seems like a really unnecessary change to me.

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whatwhatwhat replied to your post: Now that this season of Game of Thrones is half…

I’m kind of just crossing my fingers now and praying that Jojen and Meera show up soon. I think they’re trying to hold off on Bolton so as not to confuse the audience with yet another conflict, but like, who knows. The Arya bit really irks me too.

Yeah you’re probably right about Bolton. If they did introduce him this season, it would be another two or three seasons before he was likely to appear again, which I guess might be weird or confusing if you haven’t read the books. But I really liked Bran’s chapters in A Clash of Kings and how he had to be the little prince and meet all of the Northern lords so they could pledge fealty to his brother. And his friendship with the Reeds is so crucial to me. I really can’t imagine his arc being interesting at all without them.

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whatwhatwhat replied to your post: Examples

I was reluctant to reblog it because it does suck, but I also have a hard time not reblogging This Is Spinal Tap anything when it comes up on my dash. COME AT ME BRO.

I almost reblogged it for the same reason, but settled with just liking it in the end. It was a tough call.

I mean, I’m sure I reblog shitty gifs all the time because I like the movie/quote they use. It’s pretty impossible not to reblog a bad gif at least once in a while on this site.

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